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WiScan: Scan Wi-Fi Networks.

Windows Logo Windows installer (.msi) for Recent Files Scanner
Windows Logo ZIP file containing executables for WiScan
Windows Logo Portable Application Description file for WiScan

What is WiScan?

WiScan is a Windows .Net graphical application that reports all the information Windows has about nearby wireless networks.

You may sometimes need to known exactly which Wi-Fi access point you're connected to, or to check if routers or access points are configured correctly. WiScan scans both the 2.4gHz and 5gHz band, depending on the capabilities of your computer's wireless networking adapter.  Information is returned about all discovered Wi-Fi connections.


  • Reports all available Wi-Fi access points on both bands, depending on your hardware. 
  • Wi-Fi connection points are displayed graphically by channel and signal strength. 
  • Diagnostic information is displayed for all available logical (SSID) networks. 
  • Colors distinguish the connected access point from other access points in the same network and access points in nearby networks. 
  • Connection points can be given persistent 'aliases' or pseudonyms for easy mapping.
  • Supports multiple wireless network adapters on the same computer. 
  • Can be set to automatically rescan periodically. 

The scanner is fast and easy to use. 


The Recent Files Scanner requires Windows Vista or later and the .Net 4.0 runtime.  (If you have Windows 7 or 8, you probably have this.)

Screen Shot of Recent Files Scanner

Main Window After Scanning

Main Window with beacon items

Channel Diagram After Scanning

Channel map for 2.4gHz

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