About GroupWyse Consulting

GroupWyse is an organizational development firm dedicated to helping people find meaning and significance in their lives and their work. Our consultants specialize in human behavior and use a common sense approach to inspire and guide individuals and organizations in finding their own answers to the issues and opportunities they face. GroupWyse is a woman-owned business established in 1998. Our clients include health care, government and nonprofit organizations.

We Specialize In
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Services At GroupWyse
  1. Consulting and Organizational Development

    Our consultants are highly-skilled professionals with knowledge of commercial and government best practices. We will assess your organization and help you develop a plan to improve performance for better outcomes. We offer comprehensive services customized to meet your needs

  2. Executive Coaching and Leadership Development 

    We help leaders gain insight into their own contributions to the current state of their organizations. We are highly effective coaches and trainers for executives, managers and supervisors as well as leadership teams. We use proven assessment tools to strengthen and guide our coaching and training.

  3. Facilitation and Training 

    Our facilitators draw upon their considerable experience and understanding of group dynamics to personalize activities for participants. We adapt our services to accomplish your goals and maximize the impact and sustainability of gains made through retreats and workshops by helping participants apply their accomplishments and learning to the work environment.

  4. Assessment Tools 

    Assessment tools are highly effective in helping individuals and teams identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our consultants are certified to administer a variety of dynamic and valuable assessment tools and provide related coaching and training.

GroupWyse Mission
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We are a group of Organizational Development professionals dedicated to continuous improvement both personally and professionally.
  • Clients hire us because we get the job done; we are known as catalysts for positive change.
  • We are highly skilled at determining where change is needed and work tirelessly until desired outcomes are achieved.
  • We help leaders and employees at all levels improve relationships and enhance teamwork for better results.
We incorporate the following values in our work with clients.
  • Respect
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Objectivity
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Measurable Results

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