BETA ONLY: products are not yet available.

All GroupWyse software products are currently in a 'beta' development program and are not yet available. The content below is likely to change, and product availablilty has yet to be determined.  Some download links are currently unavailable.

Free Software from GroupWyse Consulting

Wi-Fi Scanner

WiScanIcon   Scan nearby wireless networks and report their configuration and signal strengths.

Encrypted Password and Data Manager

FolderResize icon   Maintain an encrypted collection of your most important data, like Web passwords.

Folder Image Resizer

FolderResize icon   Resize folders of images, repair orientation and remove GPS coordinates.

Web Site Link Checker

SiteVerify icon   Scan simple web sites for broken links.

Recent Files Scanner

RecentFiles Icon   Scan your folders for files that have recently changed. Search files and folders. Watch changes as they occur.

SyncShell: Cloud Synchronization Helper

SyncShell icon   Easily manage your "cloud" synchronization folders. Encrypt and compress files before moving them to the cloud. SyncShell allows different encryption passwords for different folders.

PingView Network Monitor

PingView icon   Set up visual "trees" of network components for monitoring.

ChordEdit: Music Leadsheet Generation

ChordEdit icon   Convert song lyrics with chord names to HTML with guitar chord frames.

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