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RecentFiles: Scan or Watch File Changes on Windows.

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What is the Recent Files Scanner?

Do you sometimes lose track of where your files are?  Do you occasionally put files in the wrong folder?  Have you reorganized your files and are now missing some things?  These are reasons for using the Recent Files Scanner.

Recent Files Scanner is a Windows .Net graphical utility that searches your hard drive's folders for recently changed files. You can also search for contents of files or file names.

Along with searching on request, Recent Files Scanner can watch a folder for changes to it or any of its sub-folders. The results are displayed as the changes occur.


  • Using a date range, searches a folder and its sub-folders for files changed within that range. 
  • Files are displayed in columns and can be sorted many ways. 
  • Results can be exported to Excel (2007+).
  • Searches can be restricted to certain types of files and certain sub-folders. 
  • Text within documents can also be searched.
  • In "watching" mode, the scanner reports changes to the folder collection as they occur.
  • For any file listed, you can open the file (i.e. launch Word, Excel or other application), view the containing folder, view the file's properties or see its thumbnail.

The scanner is fast and easy to use.  Every element has pop-up explanatory text.


The Recent Files Scanner requires Windows XP or later and the .Net 4.0 runtime.  (If you have Windows 7 or 8, you probably have this.)

Screen Shot of Recent Files Scanner

Main Window After Scanning

Settings for Recent Files Scanner

Watching for Changes with Recent Files Scanner

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