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SyncShell: Use Cloud Storage Securely

Windows Logo Windows installer (.msi) for SyncShell
Windows Logo ZIP file containing program files and data for SyncShell.

What is SyncShell?

The Problem with Clouds

Everyone knows that clouds are not secure. Between hacker activities and semi-legal snooping, the only real solution for secure computing is to encrypt files before they reach the cloud and decrypt them after they leave, leaving the encrypting keys in the hands of the end-user, not the cloud provider.

SyncShell provides a graphical interface layer on top of the usual Windows Explorer mechanism. It can support multiple cloud or even local folders. It provides optional encryption and compression through simple copy-and-paste operations.

SyncShell Main Window

Collaborating with SyncShell

SyncShell supports different behavior for different sub-folders in a folder tree. You can therefore have some folders completely unencrypted, others encrypted with a commonly known key and still others privately encrypted for yourself and selected others.

For further information, see the SyncShell "help" pages.

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