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Listening: A neglected skill in communicating with co-workers and management.
Advocates active listening and paraphrasing as valuable skills in staff interactions.
By Hy Resnick, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington.

Negative work environments: A culture/climate improvement strategy.
“Change from Within” described as a method of improving work environments that are less than satisfying.
By Hy Resnick, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington

Effective Meeting Facilitation: The Sine Qua Non of Planning.
Meetings:  Say the word "meeting" and expect to hear sighs, groans, or sarcastic remarks. Yet, planning requires people to come together frequently over a period of time in a word meeting. Well-planned and facilitated meetings sustain participants' energy and allow them to contribute their best thinking to the planning endeavor.
By Miranda Duncan.

Conflict and overcoming it in discussion.
Explores ways of overcoming conflict in the Doctor and patient relationship and advocates a partnership through dialogue.
By Linus Geisler.

Leading Virtual Teams.
Five essential skills will help you lead any project—no matter how distant.  There are unique and distinctive requirements for leadership attention in the virtual project team or remote management situation, where individuals who share responsibilities for common goals reside in geographically dispersed locations.
By Joyce A. Thompson, Ph.D., consulting practice leader for leadership and management development with AchieveGlobal.

Organizational Change Concepts and Principles.
Two components of organizational change are described: the hard part and the soft part (engaging the hearts and minds of affected staff). This article highlights the importance of clear goals as well as consistent, timely and transparent communication to engage staff members in organizational change. Shared decision making is encouraged to engage employees and give them a greater role in their own work processes.
By John Park, MBA, GroupWyse Professional AssociateBy John Park, MBA, GroupWyse Professional Associate

Tools and Handouts

Guide to Respectful Communications.
A list of guidelines for conveying respect.
By Bonnie Hovel, MSW

Responsive Conversations.
Suggested steps to take as a requestor and a responder in difficult work situations.
By Bonnie Hovel, MSW

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