Work Examples and Comments

Clients Include

  • University of Washington, Professional and Organizational Development – Executive coaching since 2012
  • Wellness Centered Dentistry, Dr. Hsu, Team training and coaching
  • GroupWyse has assisted and is currently assisting VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle and American Lake, Washington with numerous projects in the following departments:
    • Center for Education and Development - New Employee Orientation redesign
    • Surgery Service Line strategic planning
    • General Medicine strategic planning
    • Pharmacy and Nutritional Care Service Line strategic planning
    • Rehabilitation Care Service Line strategic planning
    • Social Work Service Line and Community Housing Outreach Services
    • Quality Improvement retreats
    • Action Learning Training with CEUs for participants
    • Integrated Ethics Council retreat facilitation
    • Health Information Management System and Clinical Application Coordinators Team
    • Patient Escort Services team training
  • VA Medical Center, Sheridan, Wyoming – Action Learning training and Leadership Development
  • VA Regional Office, Boise, Idaho – Leadership Team Training
  • VA Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence (West) – Planning retreat

Past Engagements Have Included

  • Working to rebuild trust and respect in a hospital clinic that had undergone stress and conflict

  • Furthering group engagement and commitment to strategic initiatives in a large healthcare organization

  • Guiding a process of collective visioning for an organization desiring a clearer focus for the future.

  • Supporting a nonprofit organization with leadership development activities built around members’ specific values and needs

  • Providing change management assistance for two hospitals growing rapidly and merging disparate cultures

  • Assisting a  government agency with crafting vision, values and mission statements and developing an action plan

  • Facilitating a retreat for an academic department; pre-retreat activities included administering and interpreting an assessment to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.  Specific areas were chosen to be addressed in the retreat.

  • Promoting continuous and rapid improvement processes across several departments wanting to improve and redesign their systems and practices

  • Boosting the development of creativity and innovation in teams

  • Coaching an executive confidentially, analyzing strengths and developmental needs, selecting appropriate feedback mechanisms from bosses, peers, direct reports and stakeholders, and crafting an action plan for growth and learning

Comments From Participants after GroupWyse Assistance

  • I have continued amazement and pride in our work, the support we give each other and our caring about patients.

  • I gained even more respect for individuals and the team.

  • The facilitators were flexible and understood group dynamics.  They created an ideal environment for learning and growth.

  • We’re really a team – we do awesome teamwork together.

  • It all boils down to me.

  • Through effective communication and positive attitudes, all things are possible.

  • Change starts with me – I will stop pointing to others to make the situation better.

  • There are a lot of great people in this room (the work group) and if I need something I can ask for it.

  • Accept my own and others shortcomings – I can only change myself .

  • This day afforded an opportunity for open communication and discussion among group members.

  • We improved team relationships, learned to respect each other’s ideas and developed a plan for further improving teamwork and accomplishing our mission and values .

  • Group members were much more relaxed with each other at end of the day than at the beginning.

  • The time spent together enhanced team membership and the participation of each person as an active, influential team member.

  • The most valuable part of the day for me was…hearing each team member’s thoughts/views on how we all interact as a group.

  • We are much clearer about division goals and more cohesive as a group.

  • Better communication, shared concerns.

  • We are highly motivated to move in new directions.

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