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Professional Coaching and Mentoring

We work with current and aspiring leaders in higher education, healthcare, and government organizations customized to fit their specific goals and needs. We offer coaching and mentoring to enhance leaders’ professional success and their skill at inspiring greater performance and outcomes for their teams.

The leaders we coach face challenges in one or more of the following areas:

  • accomplishing “more with less” due to reduced budgets and/or staffing shortages
  • struggling with cross-functional reporting and accountability where collaboration is essential but not always easy
  • time pressures interfering with personal and professional development
  • improving communication so it is timely and transparent, using dialogue to increase engagement and understanding among co-workers
  • conflict and competition among team members
  • mentoring & coaching responsibilities without a formal structure
  • establishing and articulating Objectives and Goals that are clear, consistent, and transparent
  • using shared decision making to engage employees and increase their role in improving work processes

How can you benefit? Here are the top three improvements our clients have reported:

  1. Increased self- and other-awareness through assessments and related consulting demonstrating how to apply the results to specific work setting and issues
  2. Development of the top three goals in their leadership roles and measurement of progress throughout the coaching relationship
  3. Tips and tools for improving specific key relationships with bosses, peers and direct reports

What is the next step for you? The following are typical steps we take to assist you:

  1. We meet with you in person or by phone to discuss your current situation, help you develop goals and agree on a meeting schedule for coaching sessions.
  2. Depending on your goals, we begin the work with an assessment of your choice (e.g. Emotional Intelligence – EQ In Action Profile, I-OPT -information processing styles, Conflict Dynamics Profile, CDP, Office of Personnel Management, OPM – 360, or Myers Briggs Temperament Indicator – MBTI), giving a structure to the coaching sessions. Some of these instruments include the option for 360 degree assessment (with feedback from bosses, peers and subordinates) and/or team profiles should you wish to do team development & training in the future.
  3. Every three to four sessions, we work together to assess progress on your goals and determine how many more sessions are appropriate to successfully achieve them.

GroupWyse Coaches

Comments from Coaching Clients

"(My coach) was more than helpful: she was sublimely receptive, insightful, open-hearted, clear, cheerful, and compassionate."

"(My coach) led me in the right direction and helped me understand how my leadership affects others and also how to lead others who are different from me as far as how they perceive things and ways of doing things."

"(My coach) is focused and has the ability to read individuals and what they need to succeed, even if over the phone."

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