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ProbeView: iPhone-based Network Testing for SOHO Networks.

What is ProbeView?  (Version 2.0)

ProbeView is an Apple iPhone application that allows you to set up lists of internet sites and services to test.  It is designed for network administrators running SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) networks.  Groups of test 'targets' can be set up for different locales (i.e. inside and outside the office).  Standard tests include ICMP 'pings' and TCP port probes.

A free companion program called PVProxy that you can run on a server behind your firewall allows you to test non-public network components and services. The full version of ProbeView supports additional features of PVProxy, including user-created extension tests and PingView support.

Getting ProbeView or ProbeView Lite

ProbeView and ProbeView Lite are only available from the iPhone App Store.

Versions of ProbeView

Lite application icon The only limitations of the "Lite" version of ProbeView are that it cannot request PingView information from a PVProxy application or request extension tests.
Full application icon The "Full" version of ProbeView can use the free PVProxy program and PingView to peer behind firewalls or routers, including running user-created extension tests. 
PVProxy is available for either Windows (Vista/7/XP) or Apple Mac OS X.

For pricing information, see Apple's iPhone App Store.

Use of the PVProxy program is explained in the PVProxy page.

Running ProbeView

Once installed on your phone, just launch ProbeView.  You can then add 'targets' (test sites) to the list of places to test.  Whenever you click its 'refresh' button, ProbeView will perform the tests you've specified on your targets and report its results to you.

The "Full" version of ProbeView supports iOS "Background Refresh".  This means that you can configure ProbeView to 'wake up' periodically and test your network, notifying you of changes or failures.

Examples of Use

Some of the things you might wish to test are:

  • Favorite web sites (using TCP, domain name + port 80)
  • Email servers (using TCP domain name + port 25)
  • ISP Domain Name Servers (using ICMP, domain name)
  • Webcams
  • SlingBoxes
  • Routers

For a list of the standard port numbers used by internet services, see Wikipedia's article on "TCP and UDP Port Numbers".  ProbeView has a built-in page to help you choose the correct port assignment.

When using the free companion program PVProxy (see below) in your private network, you can also test any server or service in that network from anywhere on the internet.  You can even extend the proxy to perform any test you desire.

Support and Further Information

Please see our forum at

Technical Information

Please set the ProbeView technical information page for more information.

Tailoring and Extending ProbeView

An application like ProbeView normally can test only public websites and servers.  But what if you want to test servers and services behind your firewall (that is, on the other side of your router)?  The free companion application PVProxy can be downloaded and installed on a machine (Windows or Mac OS X) in your network.  ProbeView can then test targets on the other side of your firewall!

See the PVProxy pages for more information.

In addition, another freeware GroupWyse product, PingView, is available for more complex network scenarios.  Using PVProxy, you can interface ProbeView on the iPhone to PingView on one or more Windows machines.  Your smartphone can then monitor networking status from multiple installations and report detailed results.

PVProxy may be used with the free version of ProbeView, but the full version is required to use PingView.

To understand the interaction between PVProxy, PingView and ProbeView, see the page "Understanding Collection Storage".

ProbeView Help

The ProbeView application has complete help documentation.  You can also view it here.

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